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Shop with confidence for a cultured pearl necklace

A pearl necklace is always well received. In some countries it's the time honoured gift for anniversaries (especially 30th anniversaries) landmark birthdays and weddings. If you're buying pearls as a present, this Four Minute Video explains the 6 criteria for buying a pearl necklace.

Small and Shiny
buy this pearl necklace for weddings and youngsters
Grade AAA 5-6mm pearls from £120 details

pearl necklace video
The World's Favourite
pearl necklace with cultured pearls
Grade AAA 7-8mm pearls from £255 details

pearl necklace with cultured pearls video
Double Strands
double strand pearl necklace with two rows of cultured pearls
Grade AAA 7-8mm pearls from £495 details

double strand pearl necklace video

For Any Occasion
real pearl necklace
Grade AAA 6-7mm pearls from £160 details

real pearl necklace video

Anniversary Special
cultured pearl necklace
Grade AAA 8-9mm pearls from £375 details

cultured pearl necklace video

Pearls and Gold
gold pearl necklace
Grade AAA 7-8mm pearls from £325 details

gold pearl necklace video

Everyday Wear
pearl necklace uk
Grade A 8-9mm pearls from £195 details

pearl necklace uk video

Heads Will Turn
chunky pearl necklace
Grade A 9-11mm pearls from £325 details

chunky pearl necklace video

Keshi Pearls
keshi (or keishi) pearl necklace
Keshi or ‘Keishi’ pearls from £170 details

keshi pearl necklace video

Exceptional Value
freshwater pearl necklace
Grade AA 8-9mm oval pearls from £135 details

freshwater pearl necklace video

36 Inch Ropes
long rope pearl necklace
With 7, 8 or 9mm pearls from £245 details

long rope pearl necklace video

The Pirates Choice
black pearl necklaces with 8mm to 9mm black pearls
Grade AAA 8-9mm pearls from £375 details

black pearl necklaces video

Pearls and Gold
gold and pearl necklace
Grade AAA 7-8mm pearls from £325 details

Exotic Yet Affordable
black pearls necklace
Grade AAA 7-8mm pearls from £255 details

Absolutely Stunning
black pearl necklace with 9mm black pearls
Grade AAA 9mm pearls from £525 details

Stylish and Unique
black pearl necklace
Grade AAA 6-7mm pearls from £160 details

To guarantee quality, all necklaces are hand-made in our West Wales workshop using traditional skills, materials, and genuine cultured pearls.
customer reviews

“I must tell you how pleased we are with the pearls. They made a superb 30th birthday gift for my partner and she was truly delighted. Many thanks again for a super service and an excellent product.”  
David Adams, Southport, Lancs

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certified quality

pearls are inspected, graded, signed and stamped by a specialist pearl graduate of the GIA

Inspected, graded, signed and stamped by a specialist pearl graduate of the GIA.

making our necklaces

making a pearl necklace
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It takes a bit longer and costs a little more but we think the end result is worth it - and so do our customers.

confused about pearls ?
confused about pearls ?
Afraid you'll get it wrong ? The Beginner's Guide will steer you through the pearl buying maze.

clasps that glitter
might be gold

types of gold used in jewellery

types of gold used in jewellery
Carat gold, gold vermeil, gold-filled, gold-plated. There's a big difference between them.
Video Transcript - How To Buy A Pearl Necklace
There’s lots of information on our site about the different types and qualities of pearls but if you haven’t time to browse, here’s a summary. There are 6 factors to consider when you are buying a pearl necklace. They are:
  1. Pearl Shape
  2. Pearl Size
  3. Pearl Quality
  4. Pearl Colour
  5. Necklace Length
  6. Style of Necklace
Let’s start with pearl shape. Pearls come in a variety of forms – from perfectly round to baroque and potato. Pearl farmers strive for round pearls because they’re the hardest to cultivate and so command the highest prices. Different shaped pearls can offer a lot of pearl for your money, but if you’re buying pearls as a gift, and want to play safe, round or near-round pearls are your best bet. Next, we have pearl size. Pearls are measured across their diameter in millimetres, often given as a range, like 5-5.5mm, 6-7mm and so on. Anything less than 6mm is best kept for youngsters or ladies of slim build, whereas 6mm pearls and above are suitable for most adults. The most common size of pearl is 7-8mm whilst 8-9mm pearls are popular for wedding anniversaries, special birthdays and Christmas. Above 8mm, pearl prices start to rise sharply, reflecting the difficulty of cultivating good quality pearls of this size. For a detailed explanation of pearl quality, take a look at the web page headed ‘Pearl Qualities and Grades’. Most reputable vendors use the A, AA, AAA grading system to describe their pearls but remember that there’s no internationally accepted standard and some sellers abuse the system. TV shopping channels might call pearls ‘AAAAA’ quality or ‘AAA+’ quality. If you see this, ignore the extra ‘A’s or ‘+’ signs. Pearls without fault may be labelled ‘gem quality’ or ‘Hanadama’. Such pearls are most often made into earrings and pendants. If you’re buying a necklace as a gift, it’s wise to go for the best grade of pearl you can afford – even if this means choosing a slightly smaller pearl size to stay within budget. Pearl colour is a matter of personal preference and skin tone. The safe choice is slightly off-white or slightly creamy. Too creamy gives the impression the wearer smokes 60 a day! After white, black is popular, pink is fraught with danger, and gold or silver South Sea pearls will break the bank. The ‘default’ necklace length is 18 inches (unless you know better). Make sure your pearl supplier will let you change the necklace if you get the length wrong. Finally, the style of necklace. A triple-strand necklace will usually be reserved for special occasions and double-strand necklaces are favoured for formal events when the wearer gets ‘dressed up’. Single-strand necklaces are completely versatile but graduated necklaces have lost popularity and are regarded as a bit old-fashioned.

In summary, you’ll maximise your chance of getting it right by choosing a single-strand, 18-inch necklace of 6mm to 7mm or 7mm to 8mm or 8mm to 9mm, grade AAA, white, round pearls. The size of pearl will depend on your budget. Of course, these are all generalisations but based on 15 years’ customer experience, and hopefully, this video has given you an idea of what to look for.

Video Transcript - Making Our Necklaces
We’re sometimes asked why we don’t have our necklaces and bracelets made overseas – in the countries we buy our pearls from. Wouldn’t it be cheaper and easier? Well, yes it would, but apart from adding value, rather than just being a middleman, there are good practical reasons for doing the work here rather than abroad and the most important one is control over quality. We’re very aware that many customers are buying pearls for their partners – perhaps for a wedding, a birthday, Christmas, or an important anniversary. They really don’t want to be worrying about the quality of their gift. So let’s have a look at how our necklaces are made…

Pearls are bought in 16 inch strands like these. In theory, by the time you’ve knotted between each pearl and added a clasp, a 16-inch strand will make an 18-inch necklace – but it never works out like that. No matter how good your supplier or how long you’ve dealt with them, you always find a few duff pearls on a strand. The first task then, is to re-string the pearls on another temporary strand, inspecting and rejecting those that are below grade. Typically, we put aside 10% - 15% of the pearls on any strand. On a necklace with 7 to 8 millimetre size pearls that’s up to 8 pearls that don’t make the cut. Of course, we couldn’t do this if we were buying in ‘already-made’ necklaces. The new temporary strand is now ready to be made into a proper necklace. It's not rocket science – all that’s needed are the pearls, a gold or silver clasp, silk thread, necklet ends and a knotting tool – but it does require care and concentration. You don’t want to get to the end of a long necklace then make a mistake – the whole thing will have to be cut up and restarted.

The finished item is placed on a neck stand to make sure it hangs correctly – it’s not lumpy or unbalanced - then examined by an experienced pearl graduate of the London branch of the Gemological Institute of America who signs and stamps the certificate of authenticity with the appropriate grade. Finally, the necklace is placed in a good quality wood or leatherette jewellery case – none of your cardboard rubbish – and finished off by including the certificate, the guarantee, a pearl care kit, and a soft pouch. It’s rare for anything to go wrong with a necklace or bracelet but occasionally one will get broken and a pearl or two be lost or damaged. If this happens we can restring the item and replace any missing pearls – that’s another advantage or making them ourselves.

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