Pearl Restringing and Repair

By tradition, good quality pearl necklaces and bracelets are strung on silk thread. Silk is a lovely material but it's not steel wire and you can't moor boats with it. Over time it'll get grubby and stretch, opening up gaps between the pearls.

For Pearl Market customers we offer a restringing and repair service to keep your pearls in good condition and your necklace or bracelet looking like new.

Broken Pearl Earrings ?

pearl earring repair

It's often possible to do an effective home repair. See how here
What you get...

First - we cut up the necklace or bracelet and string the pearls on a temporary strand. The strand is soaked in warm water to loosen and dissolve cosmetic residue. Then it's rinsed, wiped over with a clean soft cloth and left to dry.

gold and silver cleanerpearl restringingClasps and fittings are dipped in gold or silver jewellery cleaner to remove tarnish.

The necklace or bracelet is strung on double or quadruple strands
of silk thread and knotted as it was when new.

At our discretion we'll replace damaged or missing pearls
(not too many) with the closest possible match.
pearl care kit
Your pearls are returned to you by Royal Mail special or recorded delivery.
A pearl care kit is included to help keep your pearls in good condition until the next time.
Workmanship and materials are guaranteed for 6 months.
What it costs to keep your pearls in good nick...

Necklaces: £1.50 per inch (total length including clasp). Price includes vat and postage.

Bracelets: £2.00 per inch (total length including clasp). Price includes vat and postage.

What to do now...

Print and complete this form (opens in a new window) and send it to us with your item(s) and your payment.

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