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Wedding Anniversary Gifts - From £66 to £465

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proud housewife with her new vacuum cleanerSeen the old adverts? Where a joyful housewife proudly displays her new vacuum cleaner? Back then, real pearls were far more expensive and most people couldn't afford them. Nowadays you can get top-quality pearls without breaking the bank.

We can't tell you what to buy, but if you're thinking about pearls as an anniversary present we can tell you what many of our customers have chosen for the occasion. Or you could stick with the Hoover idea.

Grade AAA necklace with 8-9mm pearls
A runaway best-seller for 30th (pearl) and 25th (silver) wedding anniversaries, we know from customer feedback that the recipient is always delighted. The necklace is presented in a polished wood case, fitted with an Italian 9 carat gold or sterling silver clasp, and strung on hand-knotted, quadruple strands of silk. 18 inches is the most popular necklace length but if you get it wrong we'll change it for you

Most people choose a white necklace but around 20% go for black - sometimes because their partner already has a set of white pearls. You can find the equivalent black pearl necklace here.

grade aaa white pearl necklace with 8-9mm round pearls
Necklace Length & Silver Fittings
9 Carat Gold Fittings

Grade AAA necklace with 7-8mm pearls
A frequent choice for other anniversaries, this necklace is often called 'the world favourite' because the pearls are the most popular size purchased today. A generation ago good-quality pearls cost a lot more, so ladies married then may have imitation pearls like Lotus or Ciro.

The Grade AAA pearls are strung on four strands of silk, hand-knotted between each pearl, finished with an Italian 9 carat gold or sterling silver clasp and presented in a lined jewellery box. 18 inches is the most popular necklace length but if you get it wrong we'll change it for you.

Whilst many customers prefer white, (the safe choice), quite a few choose black and the equivalent black pearl necklace is here.

grade aaa classic white pearl necklace with 7-8mm round pearls
Necklace Length & Silver Fittings
9 Carat Gold Fittings

Anniversary Pendants
What do you do when the wedding anniversary isn't a 'big' one (like 10th, 25th or 30th) but you want to mark the occasion without splashing out too much ? These pendants have proven thoughtful gifts that are always appreciated. Pendants with silver fittings include a chain.
single round white 9mm pearl pendant
Single round 9mm pearl

10mm single white pearl pendant
Single round 10mm pearl

pearl pendant with two round white 8mm pearls
Two round 8mm pearls

There are more pendants to choose from here.
Baroque and Teardop Pearls
If you know she likes jewellery that's different, these fashionable Class 1 baroques and teardrops are worth a look. Many baroques have pits, cracks, holes, and miscolouration - flaws unacceptable today. Such pearls are cheap, but if you want the look prized by connoisseurs and celebrities, it's top-quality baroques for you.

large baroque pearl earrings
Class 1, 13mm earring pearls

baroque pearl pendant
Class 1, 13mm pendant pearl

teardrop pearl earrings
11-12mm teardrop earrings

Presentation, Delivery and Returns
pearl necklace boxes
  • anniversary gifts are presented in polished wood cases or lined jewellery boxes.
  • all pearls are accompanied by a signed and stamped Certificate of Authenticity.
  • free, insured, UK delivery is within 4 working days of order.
  • returns may be made up to 30 days from delivery.
  • our terms of business exceed EU directives and UK legislation.
  • to ensure confidentiality, orders are sent in plain packages with no indication of the contents or the sender on the outside.
customer reviews

“I must tell you how pleased we are with the pearls. They made a superb 30th birthday gift for my partner and she was truly delighted. Many thanks again for a super service and an excellent product.”  
David Adams, Southport, Lancs

five stars

certified quality

pearls are inspected, graded, signed and stamped by a specialist pearl graduate of the GIA

Inspected, graded, signed and stamped by a specialist GIA pearl graduate.

making our necklaces

making a pearl necklace
play video
It takes a bit longer and costs a little more but we think the end result is worth it - and so do our customers.

pearl sizes
pearl sizes
6, 7, 8, 9 & 10 millimetre pearls compared to an 18 millimetre five pence piece. In the 1950's a 7mm cultured pearl was thought large.

customer reviews

“I received my pearls in excellent time, and they are just perfect. Many thanks for such prompt service and it is nice to talk to a human for a change rather than 15 phone options.”  
Jane Weatherby, Inverness

five stars

need a service or repair ?
we can restring or repair your necklace
Our aftercare service will help keep your necklace in tip-top condition.

necklace clasps
pearl necklace clasps
Are sterling silver, 22 carat gold vermeil, or 9 carat solid gold. They won't squash if the cat sits on them!

for centuries, baroque and teardrop pearls...
Duchess of Cambridge
...have been worn by European royalty.

customer review

“...from the packaging to the jewellery cases and especially the pearls; everything spoke of quality.” Dr C K Reid, Cheshire

five stars

In Elizabeth's time...
pearls worn by Elizabeth 1st
...round pearls were rare. Most were teardrop or baroque.

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